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Somedays ~ The Latest Single ~

"Following up from previous single ‘Only You’, Joshua Ziggy returns with another exquisite pop number, ‘Somedays’. A poignant ballad, the track resolves into an anthemic masterpiece, further showcasing Ziggy’s powerful songwriting. The song went straight to our personal playlists, and we are confident it will not disappoint in catching the attention of new fans and listeners. 

We already hosted Joshua on our pages, reviewing ‘Only You’, and we already went over how his songwriting skills earned him thousands of streams and views in third-party tracks. Taking on 2020 head-on, Ziggy hasn’t saved himself, keeping up a steady calendar of new music and live content, hopefully setting the stage for future material. 

‘Someday’ distance itself from the ‘1975’ indie-pop sound, instead building on classic pop landscapes, infused with a strong poignant attitude. Starting in intimate settings, with pianos and grounded drums beats, the track slowly evolves into a ‘grand finale’ made with drums, guitars, and an orchestra-like lush, perfectly wrapping around Ziggy’s smokey, contemporary pop vocals. 

Lyrically, we are in mental health territories: “Somedays’ is about the fundamentals of what goes into feeling weak and vulnerable, as well as the different aspects that create a sense of worthlessness within oneself. This song speaks to those who may think ‘I’m holding on by a thread’, and ‘I’m struggling with myself”.

- Gab (Your Music Experience)



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